Whether you’re taking the next step in becoming a homeowner or just curious for the future. I have created based on experience the top ten things to do when house hunting. Enjoy and feel free to share with a anyone. 

1. Save money

It’s no surprise you need money to buy a house so…start saving. When purchasing a home, there are a lot of unforeseen cost. You have your down payment, title, escrow and loan’s closing cost, it all ADDS up to thousands of dollars.

2. Get pre-approved

I see it time and time again, a buyer falls in love with a home they can’t afford. Meet with a lender to get a pre-qualification letter so you have an idea where you stand and how much you can afford.


3. Make wish list

Having a list of what you want makes searching for a home easier. But understand the difference between needs and wishes. If you can check off majority of your “needs” box and some of your “wishes”, then I think you got a winner.

4. Keep an open mind

The saying you can have it all is not ideal in Real Estate unless you’re the luckiest person in the world and the seller before you had the same exact taste as you which is highly unlikely. So if something as small as tile vs hardwood don’t stress it. That can always change. The little cosmetic things shouldn’t kill the deal.

5. Manage your feelings and expectations

I won’t be the first or last to tell you that buying a home is an emotional rollercoaster. You have to be ready to get your offers rejected. You also should be ready to feel like you’ve lost your dream home. It may feel like it at the time but it’s not! Your home will come, remember this, you make a home your home. You make a home where your kids grow, flowers bloom, and laughs echo the hallway.

6. Look at comps around the house you want

A Realtor will do this for you once you contact them and get a list of home in a certain neighborhood to determine the value of the home you’re buying. Some areas like in the Silicon Valley, it can get a little tricky because the buyer down the street may put a substantial amount on a home that now causes the price to jump in a heartbeat, so be aware of that.

7. Make a pro and cons list

When you’re looking at homes, carry a list. No, not a mental list, an actual paper list. I mean you can use your phone but something about writing things down just helps refresh your memory later on.

8. Don’t wait to see a home

I’ve also seen this happen time and time again, a buyer waits to see the house for a week and next thing they know, it’s already sold. Especially in a seller’s market homes don’t last too long so waiting is not ideal. Waiting just one day can make the difference in getting the home or not.

9. Inviting people to house hunt with you

Unless they are going to live with you and take part in financing, you shouldn’t take input. This is your home, where you are going to spend a big chunk of your life. Sometimes having so many different opinions can cloud your judgement. Go alone with your agent, that way you can make a decision solely based on your own feelings.

10. Drive by the neighborhood

It might be a nice house but pay attention to the neighborhood as well. If you see the home in the morning, drive by it again in the evening when majority of people are home. That gives you a feel for the neighborhood on what it looks like in the morning and evening. Check crime rates, school ratings, local shops, restaurants, parks, any amenities in the community. It’s good to keep track of the pros and cons of a neighborhood.

YAY, you’ve made it to the bottom, my guess is you’re really thinking about buying and I’m so proud of you!! I wish you the best luck!!! Let me know if I can help you in anyway.

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