This happened in high school and changed my life forever

I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to thank some teachers for giving me wisdom that has carried on throughout my adult life, not really. This isn’t about any teachers at all, to be honest.

The year was 2006 and I was just another emo/scene girl that moved to a small farm town named Los Banos, CA. My hair was wild, my jeans were tight, and my taste in guys were…odd. I remember my freshmen year seeing this guy and instantly my heart stopped. Let me clarify it wasn’t a LOVE feeling (maybe it was), it was a damn he’s so fucking hot feeling. So anyways, I found out he was still in 8th grade and was just visiting at the high-school for a talent show his friend was in. Bummer! So, I did what every girl would do, MOVED ON with my life.

Fast forward to my sophomore year, the “hot guy” is now a freshman…BUT, I had a boyfriend. I didn’t really care for him anymore, I mean I thought he was hot, but he had a girlfriend as well. I attended a football game one Friday night and hot guy was there. He was all smiles when telling me he wanted to make out…his girlfriend at the time was standing a few feet behind me. I did what any respectful girl would do and told him to basically fuck off, your girlfriend is right there. That was the end of that night.

So, PE was fun, especially because hot guy also had that PE period and would constantly wave hi to me when we crossed paths while running the mile. I wouldn’t wave back. He thought I was a bitch, and maybe I was intentionally being one. His new gf was in my class then so maybe that had something to do with it.

Ok finally the good stuff, by end of sophomore year, I’m single and looking for someone to have a fun summer with. I had another mutual friend I’d hang with all the time who had hot guy in her math class. I told her to give him my yearbook to sign. Well turns out, he did sign but didn’t really seem too interested and I had this other guy who wanted to start something with me, so I dated him instead.

End of summer comes and I’m single again, I see hot guy first few weeks of school and he’s no longer emo/scene. He buzzed his hair and I was super into it. I drove past him one day during lunch and yelled some dumb shit out the window to get his attention. I think I yelled out, “you’re hot, want a ride?” and my friend whistled for me since I can’t, idk, point is I wanted to just hang out without making him my boyfriend.

BUT then something strange happened, we got to hanging out FINALLY and texting for months until finally I let my guard down and made it clear I did want him as a boyfriend. So, the day that changed my life forever, December 16th 2008 he asked me to be his girlfriend and now 9 years and 6 months later we are still together and happily in love, more than ever!

You see, I would never in a million years believe I’d stay with hot emo guy who wore tighter pants than me…but life has a funny way of working out. We went through some minor rough times as most couple do, but we moved forward and this year we’ll celebrate our 10th year anniversary. That hot guy is Tyler! If you didn’t get that already lol. So next time if any parents are reading this, if your daughter or son is dating someone in high-school, don’t write it off so soon, it can be something serious, and let me just say people clean up well. I look way better than what I did in high-school, let me be honest, we both look WAY better I almost cringe looking at old pictures of us lmao. We workout together every day, live together, we are truly best friends who do a lot of things together without it becoming a chore or drag.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story with you guys. The day that changed my life forever. What’s yours? Feel free to email me your story, I’d love to read it.

A little gallery of of us throughout the years.