I like to think of style like expressing your inner feelings. Some days I feel like shit, and I’m sure I dress like it. Other days I feel happy, romantic, more loving than usual, and I let me clothes reflect that.

When it comes to patterns, it’s all in the details, the trick is pairing it correctly to show the pattern as it should be. That’s why I throw something bold over it. It tones it down to the right amount without taking away from it. Patterns are wonderful but you must handle them with care. 

What to pair it with?

You can pair it with anything bold really, my go to are blazers, jackets, and knitted cardigans. During winter I like to use a heavier sweater and during summer, a light knitted cardigan. It really just depends on the weather though to be honest. When choosing a solid, I tend to stay neutral on the colors, especially with a crazy print. 

You don’t want a crazy print and a bright colored blazer, I mean you might, but that’s not my style. 

Don’t ever let people tell you prints are too much, a print can never be too much, just throw something bold over it, see what happens. 

I’d love to see your outfits and what you came up with, feel free to tag me or hashtag #inspiredbydamaris on Instagram