My Addiction I've Had For 10+ Years

I wish I had a picture of me drinking coffee at 10 years old but I can’t seem to find one so you’re going to have to trust me on this one. Coffee, oh the smell, taste, the feelings it brings. It’s no wonder why everyone basically loves it. It started when I was either 10 turning 11 or already 11 years old. I was heavily devoted to church and went 4x a week. I sang in the choir and occasionally filled in for the piano girl when she vacationed. Anyways, I think it began because I saw the Pastor and every grown-up drink coffee. I thought I needed it to stay awake and alert but now that I look back, I was just addicted to the sugar I was adding. I would pour 5-10 of those french vanilla creamer packets and add even more regular sugar, it was ridiculous. That went on for years and it just manifested as I got older. When I got to middle school I was pounding frappuccinos daily. Even introduced Starbucks to a lot of my friends. I went from coffee with a shit ton of sugar to straight up sugar!

By High-School I took a little break and drank teas daily, Passion Tea Lemonade with Raspberry was and still is my fave.

Now, I’m in my mid-twenties and black coffee is basically all I drink. I occasionally drink a Vanilla Latte but I try to stay away from sugary drinks, I think I drank enough as a child I’m over it.

But I must say, my addition is not to the coffee, I believe I’m addicted to coffee shops. Something about being inside one or just holding that cup while I stroll around town. It makes me feel so good. I sometimes don’t even finish half of the drink and it doesn’t bother me because I technically got my “fix”.

It’s strange and I’m currently still learning more about my addiction to an actual place but I’m working on it because it cost me a lot of money.

We all have some weird addiction to something, what’s yours? Comment on my IG photo and share yours.

As always, thank you for reading.


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