Ok, if you’re an ice cream lover you must go. To be honest, just go even if you don’t love ice cream, this place is overall pretty awesome. The pink-filled walls everywhere, themes in every room, it’s pretty amazing.


The moment you walk in, it’s nothing but upbeat personalities. Who can frown in a place like this? It definitely cheers you right up. One of my favorite things is that you get ice cream or a treat in every room you go to and it’s good. One room gave us pop rocks…I mean I haven’t had those since elementary. Another room which was my 2nd favorite was the unicorn room. Yes, a freaking fake unicorn was there to take pictures with, I, unfortunately, didn’t because the line was long, and I was getting anxiety from so many people. But ultimately you get to roam around without feeling pressured, I just think the unicorn room is really popular and everyone lingers from previous groups


My favorite room was the sprinkle pool, which I believe everyone loves! THEY ARE FAKE! Just letting you know so you don’t let your kids or yourself eat some. They explain the rules before you enter the sprinkle pool, like take off your shoes and personal belonging (lockers nearby) and you get 5 minutes to play! Ok, this sprinkle pool was so comfortable as you can see in the photo below ↓ my boyfriend Tyler just wanted to sleep in it forever. It truly was amazing, believe what you hear about it.


Ok, there isn’t a lot to say that was bad, I think the only shitty thing was the ice cream you can purchase at the end was not good. What you get throughout was really good, but I wanted to get my mind blown at the end with this magical ice cream…I was let down. I mean, it wasn’t disgusting but it was just so…boring. For being the Museum of Ice Cream, I’d just imagined something better than Baskin Robbins but hell, even Rite Aid ice cream is better.
So would I go again? YES!!! (the ice cream I’m holding below in the photo is the one I didn’t like) don’t let the smile fool you.

What I wish I did differently

I wish I could have planned my outfit to be interchangeable for each room, so I could have had different-ish outfits every room.  Oh well, maybe next time. 

In the end tho, the MOIC is cute, fun, and entertaining,