How To Dress Professional With A Twist

Yay you got that big girl job and now find yourself struggling finding what to wear. Do you dress down to blend in? FUCK NO! Do you wear black flats daily? HELL TO THE MOTHAFUCKING NO! Lets get one thing straight, unless your job requires you to literally stand all day then maybe you can get away with a cute pair of flats or low heels but if you’re sitting majority of the time, get yourself a pair of heels girl!

So firsts things first, congrats on your new professional gig! You got this and you soon will discover if all those years of school are about to pay off. I am a college dropout so I can’t relate to that. 

Anywho, I often see young women enter the corporate world and their style goes out the window! Here’s a little secret, you don’t have to hide your style. You can translate your style in a corporate environment with little things like a fun polka dot shirt I’m wearing in this photo.

I am a Realtor® and I’m not going to lie, I was a little stuck between dressing as myself and then dressing so boring at open houses. I stopped after a few years and I’m glad I did. 

Now, when I host an open house, I get compliments on my outfit and people remember the girl who stood out as opposed to just another Realtor wearing a boring slacks and blazer outfit. 



TOP: American Apparel 


SHOES: Steve Madden

PURSE: Tory Burch

Be creative and pair a nice shirt with a fun skirt. Sometimes having two different styles and textures add a little kick to your outfit. Me, personally, I’m not that girl to wear all sorts of patterns at once, that’s not my style, maybe it’s yours and that’s great, rock it!

We always second guess ourselves when in reality when it comes to fashion/style, you should go with your gut. NEVER plan my outfits the day before unless it’s a wedding or party and even then I procrastinate until the last minute because I just find I dress better that way.

In this outfit I felt professional but still like myself. Never compromising my style or personality. Just wear what makes you feel badass and ready to conquer. I believe clothes has a power of changing your mood. When I dress nice, I feel better and when I feel better I work better. 

As always, thank you for reading. Have a fabulous day!


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