4 steps to stick to your goals

Instagram Facebook Twitter 4 Steps to Stick to your goals hi, Setting goals for a whole year may seem intimidating. Some of you may have a million while others have none. Don’t get caught up and stress yourself out trying to accomplish unrealistic goals. I know from experience that having so many goals can get …

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Glamping at Ventana

Instagram Facebook Twitter glamping at ventana In January, my friend Larissa posted on Instagram a cute picture of her at a glampsite and I knew then I had to go. I basically googled wtf is this “glamping” thing and why didn’t I know about it? I immediately realized it’s everything I’ve been looking to do …

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Pumpkin Park Getaway

Pumpkin park getaway If you follow me on IG you saw I was at the pumpkin patch this weekend. I’ve only been to really small shitty ones so I told Tyler weeks ago I wanted to go to a big one. So finally, this weekend we went. His mom, stepdad and niece joined us on …

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