I’m not surprised!! Who wants to pay $2,800 + plus for a 2-bedroom apartment? NOBODY! and if you do, I bet you’re not too happy about it. Yet alone families who need a decent house, costing $4,500+ dollars, not including expenses. Some people are saying the Silicon Valley is “over”. Bay Area residents are admitting they’re so unhappy, they hate they can’t afford to live where they grew up. According to a Chicago-based PR firm, Edelman surveyed 1,500 Californians, including 500 Bay Area residents, to “gauge” opinions about the golden state. The verdict was 49% said they are thinking about moving out of the state due to the high cost of living.

Let’s get serious, it is very upsetting seeing all this happening. Knowing friends and family who once were comfortable, now having to consider leaving and doing the whole commute thing. I have met people who express their anger of these tech giants like Facebook, and Google who come in, pay an outrageous amount of money to their workers while the rest of us are getting pushed out. The worst thing is, they are not bay area residents, not all of them at least. A lot come from out of state, out of the country and push all born and raised residents out. It’s depressing meeting people who have lived here forever and had plans to see their children and grandchildren grow up but with rent being so high, people are finding it hard to stay in the Silicon Valley.

Companies like Google and Facebook don’t seem to realize they aren’t bringing good things to a lot of people, sure if you work there you might be well off, but what about the rest of us? Small businesses? I was in Seattle not too long ago and even there, the residents are already expressing rage about these tech giants coming in and housing affordability becoming a problem, I told the guy, “welcome to the club” and it doesn’t seem it’s stopping.

If you’re not a coder or anything that has to do with tech, what do you do? Is there a solution? Is moving THE solution? I don’t personally think so, but I also don’t see any other option. What do you think?

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