Hi, my name is Damaris and I’m super insecure sometimes! Insecurities are a real problem and always have been. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been insecure? I bet everyone reading this raised their hand. No judgment.

We see beautiful “perfect” people on social media like a zillion times a day, how can we not feel insecure? But no need to fear my dear friends, I have some advice for you! But first, let me just clarify, I’m not a fucking therapist and won’t yank you out of depression (if you’re there), I mean I’d like to think I have that power but most likely don’t. I just want to share what helps me when I’m feeling low.


You must be thinking “wtf are you talking about?” I’ve found that if I look at pretty pictures and successful people in a positive light, it motivates me to “go for it”. Just changing your perspective can help you feel better instead of being on Instagram depressed because everyone’s life can appear to look better than yours, look at it in a different way. Try to keep your thoughts in check because it can go sour fast.


It’s no secret that working out makes you feel better. At first it’s hard to get the motivation to get dressed, out the door, to the gym parking lot, and honestly, sometimes I don’t want to get out of the car. Somedays I feel so fat I want to just curl up in a ball and cry but I force myself along with the help of my boyfriend to just get my ass to the gym and afterward, I feel fucking fabulous! It’s weird, but what I tell myself is in about an hour I’ll be home, and when I look back I will be proud I just did it instead of wasting an hour doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself.


Writing can help release certain emotions you didn’t think you had. I sometimes start writing about one thing and end up somewhere else. Writing is also helpful to get all the bullshit out of your mind. Once that clears up, you can focus on the real issues if any. If it’s a problem with your partner, write down what bugs you, it helps put things in perspective, then approach them. Knowing you did your research instead of freaking out for no reason helps avoid apologizing for anything later.


The rhythms and lyrics of the perfect song can yank you out of a funky mood. Music is my favorite outlet when I’m feeling down. I have a few steps of what I do to reach happiness, so let me just say this is when I’m down and have no idea why and feel the world is out to get me when it’s really not. Not a serious issue but you can still apply it and see how it works for you. Ok, so the first thing I do is listen to a sad song that will for sure make me ball my eyes out “Snuff” by Slipknot is my go-to for that. Once that is done, I play a semi-happy song to work my way up, and you guessed it, last but not least, a happy cheerful song to just motivate me to pick myself up and carry on. “Marry the night” by Lady Gaga is my go to for a pick me up.


A good movie, like music, can help you release emotions and get back on track. I like to watch comedies to make me laugh. They make me realize that life is short and I can’t take shit too serious. So go rent a movie, binge your favorite show on Netflix, whatever, you get the point.


99% of the time one of those works for me, but when that fails, I talk to someone. It’s either my boyfriend, siblings, or friends. I feel embarrassed to admit some of the shit I feel, it tends to sound silly when said out loud. That being said, it still helps to talk to someone. I’ve said some things to my boyfriend and he really put things in perspective in a way I just couldn’t see at the time and felt 100x better after our talk.

Insecurities come and go, I battle with it, and if you do too, you’re not alone. People always assume I’m super secure because of the number of photos I take…but that’s not true. I don’t believe insecure people hide like vampires, I think we want to be “normal” and push forward but from time to time lose ourselves. So I say to you, don’t care what people say, not everyone will like you so fuck em’ just like yourself and when you’re down, do one of the five. Hope that helps in some way. It for sure helps me. If you have no one to talk to, I’m here for you.

Thanks for reading as always.

– Damaris

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