Red hearts, chocolate, and roses everywhere you go lately. Yes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day again. Some people say things like, “You should celebrate love every day, not just one day” Ok, sure, but come on, we can do it up EXTRA SPECIAL sometimes.!!! There is nothing wrong with it. I personally love it.

I have been with my boyfriend 9 years and we always manage to find fun things to do. Last year we spent it in Hawaii, it was BEAUTIFUL!! We had so much fun laying out on the beach tanning, getting as red as all the hearts in the ABC stores. Had a nice romantic dinner overlooking the beach with lovely Hawaiian music in the background. 

But this year, we are keeping, and have kept it casual. We started the celebration a little early due to 50 Shades Freed coming out on February 9th. We caught an early show then headed to Santa Cruz, CA for a nice beach day and dinner. We went to our favorite place there called Stagnaro Bros. Seriously, it’s a must try if you’re in the area. The food was fantastic as always.

If you find yourself with no plans, I made a quick list of things you can do. Some are local in San Jose, and some you can do anywhere. Enjoy:


1. Brunch

Good spots in San Jose:

-The Table in Willow Glen

-Bills Café



-The Original Pancake House


2. Bake some goodies at home with friends, pop a bottle of wine, watch all 50 Shades of Grey movies.

3. Go to the gym

4. Go to the movies

5. Get manis and pedis

6. Treat yourself to your favorite expensive drink at a coffee shop

7. Take a Solo road trip, nowhere far, just a quick getaway

8. Cook a nice dinner, try a new recipe.

9. Write yourself a valentines letter for next year.

10. Watch the sunset, take one photo and then turn it off and be in the moment.

11. Go ice-skating

12. Go-Indoor skydiving

13. Do dinner in bed with your bf/gf

14. Give each other massages

15. Go to a museum

16. Go Hiking

17. Visit the Winchester Mystery House

18. Binge watch Rom-Coms (romantic comedies)

p.s. Don’t forget to get a box of chocolates for yourself. 

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